Winter Storm Juno & Your Pets – Don’t Panic!

Winter Storm Juno & Your Pets – Don’t Panic!


Every year the Northeast gets Winter Weather Warnings, Watches, and Advisories. At this moment we are facing Nor’easter Juno. The tri-state area & Long Island area is expected to get anywhere from 12-24”.

Don’t Panic!

Winter storm paths are notoriously unpredictable. Yes, we can get 24”. We can also get 2-4”. We all know it’s important to be prepared….but it’s not just a saying. REALLY…BE Prepared. Make a conscious effort in the beginning of the season to have a shovel, salt, and not run low on your pet’s food and medication so you are not scrambling at the last minute. If you are away, and have a pet sitter coming, make arrangements with someone to have your walkways shoveled. Did you know there is Pet Safe Ice Melter you can use for your porch and walkway? This “salt” won’t burn your pets feet, but is much more costly than regular salt, so you won’t find it used on your local roads.

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TELL YOUR DOG WALKER. For a service business like In Home Pet Services, the weather is a huge impact on our business. Hazardous driving conditions make it difficult for our staff to safely get to clients’ homes, but when people are out of town we must find a way. In a large storm, we take a huge financial hit to our business, BUT….. we are more concerned with the safety of our staff. So if roads are treacherous and you stay home, please let your dog walking company (hopefully In Home Pet Services ;)) know that services are not required for the day.

Pets get Frozen Noses?

Pets can get frostbite, especially on their extremities. When coming in from a walk, soak your dog’s paws in warm water to remove any salt or ice crystals. Take breaks from playing in the snow if your pet is a snow lover, and if frostbite occurs (skin will be red hard and painful), do not rub the affected area…it will not help and just cause pain. Your pets can wear boots (you’re thinking yeah, right!) or you can also try Musher’s Wax to coat your dogs paws before a walk

Stay safe everyone – Be prepared & don’t panic when storms like Juno come along!


Robyn Elman

Pres. In Home Pet Services, Inc.

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  1. Lynn says:


    Another great tip which I’ve written about on my blog is to have a bowl of water and a towel by the door, so when you brings your pups inside you can dip the towel in the water and then rub there paws so they don’t get ice stuck in-between there toes. Thanks for the article! Ive enjoyed reading your blog, happy I stumbled upon it. Have a great day.