When the parents are away, the kids will….WHAT?

When the parents are away, the kids will….WHAT?


I thought it would be just another visit with the 3-legged dog..

I was relatively new to the pet sitting world when I entered the house of one of my regular clients. I didn’t have staff yet so was always busy and trying to manage my schedule. So on this day, I was about a half hour early to walk this large breed 3 legged dog. He recently had amputation surgery due to cancer so was still getting used to getting up and around. I had no idea this would be an ebarassing story!

30m early isn’t too bad right?

The owners happened to be away overseas and their 2 sons in their 20’s also lived in the house and worked during the day. Both sons were, let’s say…athletic and not hard to look at. I opened the door with the key and walked in as usual. I called for the dog and started walking down the hall to the back room where I could see him laying. The room was straight ahead.

I was almost to the room when I saw an open door to the left….

Again, the door was wide open. As I walk walking towards my goal (the end room in front of me), to the left I saw the youngest son on the bed, with his long blond haired girlfriend, completely naked, fully involved in having SEX.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? (really… comment below!)

I had no time to think and decided in the moment, that stopping and turning around in the other direction would take more time, and make me noticed, than continuing my stride. So without a pause, I continued right to the room with the dog. My heart was racing and was really more worried about them being embarassed and upset knowing I was there. I planned to take the dog, walk passed the room again quickly, and not be noticed. But the dog could not get up. In fact, I started to think I would need help getting him up!

SO I Waited until they were DONE!

I sat there, mortified, trying to ignore the moans and words exchanged between them as they both finished. As they started to move around and come out of the room, I began talking to the dog and trying to get him up and said something like. “I’m trying to get him up”. The girl started giggling and didn’t seem shy at all. Eventually I got the dog up, went out, came back, wrote the quickest note ever, and raced out of there with a red face and a good dog walking story to share!



Robyn Elman,

Pres. In Home pet Services, Inc.



2 Responses to “When the parents are away, the kids will….WHAT?”

  1. Annie picardi says:

    Omg Robyn you could really write a book someday