Six Ways Invisible Fencing Can Be Used in Your Home and Yard

Six Ways Invisible Fencing Can Be Used in Your Home and Yard

Six Ways Invisible Fencing Can Be Used in Your Home and Yard (Published in partnership with


The safety and health of your dogs are your top priorities, so keeping your dogs at home and on your property is essential. Strategic fencing can be a huge help, and a DIY electric dog fence is a versatile and reliable way to keep your pet dogs contained. While it can’t keep other animals out, it can still be quite beneficial in many situations. Here are some of the ways it can be used.


Give Your Dogs Their Own Space

The ability to run and roam freely is so important for the physical and mental health of your dogs. When you have a large yard, it’s a great idea to designate a space that’s just for your dogs, so they feel that they have their own territory. Installing an electronic dog fence is an excellent way to create a “dog zone” anywhere on your property, without the obstruction of a traditional fence. The boundaries of an electric dog fence can be fully customized to fit whatever size or shape space you desire, and this versatility is particularly helpful in a busy yard.


Protect Your Gardens or Flower Beds

Terriers, huskies, chow chows, and other “digger” dog breeds can wreak havoc in gardens and flower beds. Any dog can develop the habit of digging out of boredom, and gardens are attractive places to do it. An invisible fence can be placed around your gardens or flower beds in order to keep pet dogs out. Invisible fences are particularly good for this, because diggers can’t burrow underneath the wire like they could a traditional fence. The absence of a traditional fence also makes it easier for you to enter and exit your garden without worrying about a locked gate, and an electronic dog fence won’t block the view of your beautiful flowers either.


Separate Your Chickens

If you keep chickens, and your dogs are hunting breeds, they will have the natural desire to hunt your chickens. Even dogs who just want to “play” can accidentally injure, kill, or disrupt the egg-laying patterns of your chickens. An underground dog fence can prevent your dogs from entering the chicken coop/run, but it won’t fence in your chickens, leaving them free to wander where they feel safe. You can also use an invisible fence to separate your pet dogs from any other animals you may have. Sometimes keeping your animals separated lessens the stress on everyone.


Enclose Up to 100 Acres

If your yard is very large, and you want to give your pet dogs the run of it all, enclosing it with a traditional fence is very expensive. Not to mention, the fact that a traditional fence is exposed to the elements means a storm could damage a portion of it, and you wouldn’t know your dogs were at risk for escaping unless you regularly inspected all sections of it. An underground dog fence won’t be damaged by the elements, and it can cost thousands of dollars less. Some invisible fence systems can enclose up to 100 acres at a time.


Reinforce Traditional Fencing

If you already have a traditional fence installed, a DIY electric dog fence may still be beneficial for you. An invisible fence can act as a backup boundary in the event of unnoticed damage to a traditional fence. It can also help contain the most stubborn dogs who may find ways to go through, over, or under a traditional fence. Because the safety of your pets if of the utmost importance, it can’t hurt to have an extra layer of protection in place for them.


Create Indoor Boundaries

Electronic fencing isn’t just for outdoors. You can also use wireless dog fences and special indoor boundaries to create custom dog zones indoors. These indoor containment systems are excellent for keeping your dogs in a set portion of the house, without worrying about locking them in a crate or room. You can keep them safely away from the stove, for example, and you won’t be inconvenienced by a doorway gate.


There are many ways invisible fencing can be used, so it’s easy to contain your beloved pets in whatever way works best for them. Thorough research will help you choose the DIY system that’s best for your dog. For example, the Innotek dog fence review will tell you that system is not suitable for dogs under 20 pounds, and the PetSafe YardMax review will let you know it has a lightweight collar but a maximum capacity of only 10 acres. No matter what system you choose, the most important aspects are proper installation and consistent training.


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  1. Lynn says:

    My friends dog would run as fast as he could and run right through the electric fence and head for the hills! haha It would work most days but when when the mood struck nothing was gonna stop him.

    Great information by the way :)