My Pet Sitter Lost my Key… What do I do? (Can this happen?)

My Pet Sitter Lost my Key… What do I do? (Can this happen?)

You’re enjoying your vacation and….

You get a call that your sitter is locked out, or even worse, has lost your key. This can definitely put a damper on, or even ruin your trip.

Has this happened to you? Is this one fears in hiring a dog walker or pet sitter? Well, we will tell you:

It Can Happen! Is it likely?

No. If you hire a professional pet service with good recommendations, they will have procedures in place that will reduce the chance of a key being lost; and if it is, they will have a backup key in place, as well as a relationship with a locksmith to gain access to the house should something malfunction with the lock.

So, WHAT DO YOU DO if your key is lost?

Dont Panic!

Most companies won’t have any name or address information on the keytags, and many times the key will be found on the dog walking route, on the floor of the sitters’ car, or even in your own home.

If they key is not located, you have the right to have your locks replaced. It is up to you, and your relationship with the company and sitter, how you go about that.

Is your sitter insured?

Professional Pet Sitters & Dog walkers, and their employees or contractors, will have insurance which includes key loss. This insurance will enable them to file a claim that will cover the cost of replacing your locks, and the new keys. This is something you should keep in mind when choosing who will care for your pets.

Wait…you decided to hire a neighbor instead?

Did it go the way you expected?

Click Here to learn what can happen…from our own experiences! (COMING SOON)



Robyn Elman

Pres. In Home Pet Services, Inc.

One Response to “My Pet Sitter Lost my Key… What do I do? (Can this happen?)”

  1. Lynn says:

    This is the exact reason I always have my clients leave a spare set of keys with the neighbor or family member. Great article for newbies into the business.