Can your dog get a sunburn!? Find out!

Can your dog get a sunburn!? Find out!

Yes, that’s right – your dog can get a sunburn  just like you!

When the UV index is high, prolonged sun exposure can cause burns.

How, if your pet has fur?

Any exposed area of skin on a dog is in danger of a burn. This includes the top of the nose and tips of the ears or tail. If you have a white haired dog and you can see pink skin underneath – sunblock needed. Of course those Chinese Crested Hairless dogs definitely need some extra skin protection in the sun!

Which Sunblock is safe for your dog?

Any sunblock made for children and infants can be safely used for your pets. Use SPF above 15 and apply every 4-6 hours as needed.

For some other summer safety tips for your pet, check out our appearance on News 12’s Animal Island:

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